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These services can be stand-alone support or combined to provide comprehensive solutions.  

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Marketing Strategy & Management

A marketing strategy can make all the difference to keep you on track in achieving your goals. Yes, you have a great product or service but are you making sure that everyone knows about it?

Together we will develop a marketing strategy that is aligned with your aspirations and crafted into marketing activities that we can measure.

If you already have a marketing plan, I can support you, delivering each element with performance reports to keep you up to date.

Marketing Campaigns

If you’re launching a new product, unveiling a new service or just want the spotlight - this could be exactly what you need.

A marketing campaign is perfect for many business goals as a well planned, expertly delivered activity can reinvigorate demand.

I create and deliver 360° marketing campaigns that are tailored to each client. From thorough planning to expert delivery and easy-to-use performance reports.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing offers endless opportunities - a strong online presence will help to strengthen and grow your business.

Whether you need help with your website, content, emails or all three - I can develop and deliver the best plan to achieve your goals.

I provide full digital solutions with every step of the customer journey managed carefully. From the first click of your website to the follow-up email - everything works in harmony.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to reach large audiences and engage with people. It’s exciting and ever-changing so we all need to keep up.

Make sure you're part of the conversation with a social media strategy. You can get great results that contribute to your goals (I'm talking about real results beyond likes, comments and shares)

My strategies are designed to suit you and your resources - as much or as little support as you need.

This service is perfect if you're not sure where to start, feel a bit lost with it all or you just want an expert to manage your social media so it benefits your business.

Customer Relationship Management

You have a wealth of information at your fingertips with customer data from website visits to transactions. If you’re not using this then you’re missing out.

I can help your business to grow by using this data to create a CRM strategy. With insight and recommendations, we can improve your customer journey, strengthen customer relationships and reduce the need to rely on attracting new customers.

With my help, you can focus on running your business knowing that you are maximising your sales opportunities whilst looking after your customers.

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