About Me

A little bit about me

The person behind the name

My name is Linda and I am the person behind Sammonds Marketing. I am an accomplished marketing professional based in Huddersfield, with over 13 years of experience, at both strategic and tactical level.

From employee to entrepreneur

After working for large companies throughout my career, I knew I wanted to do more. So I took the leap and started my own marketing agency – using my skills and experience to help businesses across Yorkshire and beyond.

Whether a sole trader just starting out, or an established company that needs some direction – I wanted to help and so Sammonds Marketing was born.

Plenty of experience

My years in marketing, working across many areas, has given me a wide breadth of experience and knowledge. Combined with my passion for marketing, this allows me to deliver strong, successful services for my clients.

Examples of my experience include; direct marketing, digital marketing, project management, strategies, campaigns, sales promotions, product launches, social media, CRM and event planning.

Trusted associates and experts

To make sure that every client receives the best marketing service, I call upon my amazing network of creative, copywriting, print, PR, media and merchandise talent. This means that I can take care of everything.

Fully qualified

I understand that if you are new to marketing or using an “outsider” it can be scary. I want you to trust me and feel confident that I am a good fit for you and your business.

To put your mind at ease, take a look at my Qualifications & Training. You will see that I am highly qualified in marketing and related subjects, so you have nothing to worry about.

Ready to get started?